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© Photo by Matej Novak/flickr

© Photo by Matej Novak/flickr


The Spirit of Giving

At the MCT Championship, Team Ryan took the long road, qualifying in their 11th straight event. In the Quarter, the team showed their Christmas spirit, giving Team Dennis Bohn steals in 5 and 6, finishing their cash Spiel season.

All in all a great season, fully preparing the team for the Canola Growers Junior Championships to be held in Altona Dec 26 – 31.


Another Semi

It’s hard to feel disappointed when you qualify in 10 consecutive bonspiels, but that is exactly how Team Ryan feels after falling once again in a semi-final. This time, qualifying through the “A” side led the team directly into the semi-final.

Maybe it was the two day lay over between the qualifier and the semi, but whatever the reason, Team Hunt emerged victorious and went on to the finals.

One last bonspiel next weekend, the Manitoba Curling Tour championship, where the top 16 men’s teams vie for the title, and one of three provincial men’s spots.

Then, it’s on to Altona Dec 26th for the Canola Junior Championships.

Nine In A Row Ain’t Bad

After an early stumble in their fist spiel of the year, Team Ryan has  now qualified in their last nine bonspiels.

This week’s MCT event was The Sunova At East St Paul. Team Ryan qualified through the “B” side, but despite their strong play in the Quarter, fell to Team Bale.

Cautiously avoiding the Announcer’s Curse, this week Team Ryan will try to make it ten in a row at the Integrity Stakes, the final MCT event of the year before the Tour Championship.

Finalists At The Sun Life Junior Challenge

A successful run in Brandon at this weekend’s invitational that saw teams from Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and the northern States competing against the best that Manitoba has to offer.

Coming through a tie-breaker, Team Ryan won their Quarter, and in perhaps their finest game of the year, scored two in the 8th to emerge victorious against an excellent Team Stewart squad from Saskatchewan.

Our reward was taking on the Van Amsterdam team, last year’s Alberta Junior Finalists. The learning for us was that a 5 point spot is too deep a hole to crawl out of, Team Ryan eventually falling by a 5-4 score.

Team Ryan returns to Men’s play for the next three weeks, before a well earned pre-Christmas break, and on to Junior Provincials after that.




If The Target Is Big Enough…

…someone is going to hit it.

Team Ryan faced five teams at the Kyle Flett Memorial, all trying to knock the Provincial Champs from their junior perch. Team Ryan displayed their mettle in the first four attempts, but Team Maisey showed that competition is alive and well in Manitoba junior curling, prevailing 6-4 in the semi.

Next up is Manitoba’s toughest junior event, the Sun Life Junior Challenge in Brandon.

Taking The Long Road To The Finals

Team Ryan traveled to Ottawa to participate in the invitational OVCA Brokerlink Superspiel, widely considered to be the preeminent junior spiel in the country.

Nine games in three days saw the team lose the A qualifier, and finally qualify through the C side by beating the USA National team, then a rematch with Team Willsey, a tough Ontario side in the semi.

The final was a rematch v Team Manuel of Nova Scotia. Battling back from a 3-0 deficit, Team Ryan took the game to an extra, where Matt Manuel made no mistake on his last rock to win the event.

Thanks to Tom Sinclair and the organizers and volunteers for a top notch event.

Team Ryan now takes a well deserved week off before returning to junior play at the Kyle Flett Memorial in Petersfield on Remembrance Day weekend.



Altona Bound!

Team Ryan qualified for the Canola Growers Junior Provincial Curling Championship today with a tension filled 10 end 8-6 victory against Tram Payette. Tied, with, in 8, Team Ryan scored a decisive three ender. A force in 9, and then a game ending double in 10 by JT, put the game out of reach.

The team now travels to Ottawa this week for the OVCA Superspiel, the pre-eminent Junior bonspiel in Canada.



Team Ryan Makes It Four In A Row

Team Ryan qualified in their fourth consecutive MCT event this past weekend, qualifying through the “A” side at the Atkins Curling Supplies Classic.

In the Quarter, the team lost a tight, extra end, last rock battle against Team Lott.

Team Ryan would like to thank Rob Atkins for sponsoring the bonspiel, and for sponsoring our team. Without support from people like Rob, curlers would still be looking for jam pails and waiting for rivers to freeze.

Next up is the Junior Men’s Fall Berth Bonspiel in Morris. This will be our first Junior Men’s event of the year. And our most important test to date because two Provincial spots are up for grabs.

Team Ryan Starts A Convoy

Breaker breaker good buddy. Looks like we’ve got ourselves a convoy.

In long distance trucking, three semi’s count as a convoy. And for the third week in a row, Team Ryan qualified and made it to the semi-finals.

At the Man Curl Classic this week, Team Ryan qualified through the “B” side with four wins against one loss. Ryan came out on top in a tight contest in the Quarter vs Team Dennis Bohn, but lost an even tighter, extra end contest to twin David Bohn in the semi.

Team Ryan is now looking toward the Atkins Classic next week. Atkins Curling Supplies is one of the team’s sponsors, and we are thrilled to play in a sponsors event.

Do Two Semi’s Equal A Final?

No, but a really good weekend all the same, qualifying two weeks in a row.

Team Ryan rode the power of the hammer this weekend, going undefeated in their Pool, winning each game with hammer in two extra end games, and scoring two in their third at the KKP Classic held at the Fort Rouge CC.

The semi, vs Team Dennis Bohn, was a close one, but a quiet raise take-out for two by Bohn in the 7th end, put the game out of reach.

Next week, the MCT Classic at the Thistle. Three semi’s in a row are a charm.